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What is Website Monitoring?

Website Monitoring is a process by which a computer program acts like a human user and visits your web site and reacts with it accordingly. When this happens, the response information is gathered and analyzed. If there is a discrepancy between what information the program expected and what it actually received, an alert is sent to you or someone who is able to fix what is breaking or broken.

For more types of protocol monitors, please scroll down or click here.

With, this monitoring occurs simultaneously from 4 locations:

Monitoring Example

Your web site is the blue ball in the center and has just been checked from four locations. The web server running your site told San Jose & New York that it could not allow access to the web page that was being requested, thus the "403" Error Code. This is the same code you would instantly receive in your email, or to your mobile phone or pager. For more on this error, please see the Errors We Detect page.

Important Feature: You can set sensitivity thresholds for alerts. The default Threshold is 2, which means than an alert is sent only when any 2 or more locations detect the same error. In this case an alert would have been sent. You can set this lower or higher, depending on your needs.

Website Monitoring in Action

What We Can Monitor

Monitor Type/Name Description & Usage Network Load Content Common Search Phrases
Information HTTP Monitor
 Information HTTPS Monitor - SSL
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Website & Web Server monitoring for both standard websites and those using Secure Certificates for shopping carts and other information security.
Available Available Available Web Site Monitoring, site monitoring, monitoring, website monitoring service, premier monitoring, website monitor, website content monitoring, HTTPS errors, etc
Available Available Available
Information Ping Monitor / ICMP Packet INternet Groper
Like RADAR sending out a soundwave and waiting for a response, a Ping sends an electronic response request and waits for a response.
Available Available NA Ping a website, ping a server, ping error codes, etc
Information SMTP Monitor Simple Mail Transport Protocol
Monitor the functionality of your outbound email routing server. Looks for a correct HELO response.
Available Available NA STMP Monitor, external mail monitor, email check, etc
Information Router/Gateway  Monitor Monitor your Router or Firewall's ability to accept and respond to connection requests.        
Information POP3 Monitor Post Office Protocol 3
Monitor the functionality of your email storage and delivery server.
Available Available NA POP3 Monitor, email monitoring, email server monitoring, etc
Information DNS Monitor Domain Name System
Resolves domain names to machine readable IP Addresses. Monitor the ability of your DNS server to respond to DNS Queries
Available Available NA DNS Monitor, Domain Name System monitoring, etc
Information FTP Monitor File Transfer Protocol
Monitor your FTP Server's ability to accept and respond to connection requests.
Available Available NA FTP monitor
Information Microsoft SQL Monitor Monitor Microsoft SQL's ability to accept and respond to connection requests. Available Available NA SQL Monitoring, SQL uptime monitor, SQL Availability check, etc
Information Telnet Monitor Monitor a Telnet service's ability to accept and respond to connection requests. Available Available NA Telnet monitor, Telnet check, etc
Information NNTP Monitor Network News Transfer Protocol
Monitor a NNTP service's ability to accept and respond to connection requests.
Available Available NA NNTP Monitor
  For a complete breakdown of features see the Features Matrix page. Continue on to Errors We Detect

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